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Congratulations to Rebecca, Ewelina, Wiktoria and Jia Xin in Year 14 who received their Nuffield Foundation award yesterday at Queen's University Belfast. The students recently undertook 4-6 week placements at Queen's University and Ulster University Jordanstown during the summer.

Rebecca Hughes who participated in the placement wrote the following account:

This summer I was given the amazing opportunity to undertake a Nuffield Research Placement at Queen’s University Belfast. For 4 weeks I worked in the archaeology department producing a report entitled “The osteo-analysis of a medieval adult skeleton excavated from the archaeological site of Stacumny, Co. Kildare (1997)”. The post-excavation processes began with washing and drying the remains, followed by preparation for long-term curation and eventually visual and osteometric analysis to determine the sex, age, stature, and fascinating dental and skeletal pathologies of the individual. Following this, research was undertaken to understand the prehistoric and medieval background of Stacumny, as well as the burial context of the individual. I loved the extensive practical work, through which I developed lab skills that will truly aid me in the practical components of my A-level exams. I gained transferrable skills including analytical thinking, problem-solving, and both written and vocal communication. Most importantly, I loved every minute of my time at Queen’s; working under the supervision of the fantastic Grace McAlister (Assistant Excavation Director) has instilled me with confidence that I possess the potential to succeed in a career in scientific research. Ultimately, I would absolutely recommend applying for a Nuffield Research Placement to any student considering a career in STEM.


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