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Fourteen members of the St Ciaran’s Student Council completed the Be Strong Online Ambassador training on Wednesday 17th October 2018.
Be Strong Online is a digital resilience programme for young people from the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign and Vodafone. By being trained as ‘Be Strong Online Ambassadors’, our young people are empowered to be positive online role models to their peers and develop skills in areas such as public speaking and leadership.
All the students worked extremely well throughout the training day and enjoyed networking with other Online Ambassadors from other schools. The key message is “Young people can change the world”. Well done to all involved!
Mrs Muldoon and Mrs Donnelly were very proud of you all during the training day and we look forward to the journey ahead! The students have pledged to share their knowledge, to make some noise and find creative ways to let the whole school know about the Be Strong Online programme and support their peers. They nominated a SCC leader, namely Emma Wray. Congratulations to Emma and to all the Be Strong Online Ambassadors….we look forward to hearing from you all soon!
More pictures of training session can be viewed in our online gallery.

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