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In St. Ciaran's, careers information is provided to pupils in many ways throughout the school.

There is a Careers Library where pupils can access a wealth of careers information. Additionally, each subject department within the school has a dedicated Careers Information Board which includes details such as careers connected to particular subjects or the destination of former students who studied particular subjects. Throughout each year, a number of Guest Speakers, including past pupils, deliver presentations on areas that are linked to current employment trends.

In Year 14, all students have the opportunity to attend an Open Day at Queen’s University, Belfast and the University of Ulster. For those interested students, provision is also made to attend the Open Day at other universities, including Cambridge University and Oxford University. Interested Year 14 students also have the opportunity to attend Medical and Paramedical Open Days organised by a number of Health Trusts.
To read Informed Choices; A Russell Group guide to making decisions about Post-16 eduction (4th edition) click here.


At each Key Stage in St. Ciaran's, pupils attend timetabled Careers lessons during which they follow a taught programme incorporating elements of either Careers Education or Education for Employability.
During these lessons, pupils engage in an age-related Careers programme, including careers research and personal career planning. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own skills and interests and to consider their career aspirations. The programme at each Key Stage also supports pupils to make decisions in relation to their transition to the next Key Stage in terms of, for example, subject choices.

Key Stage 3

Topics taught:

  • Work in the Local and Global Economy;

  • Career Management;

  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship; and

  • Subjects in Focus (GCSE).



Key Stage 4

Topics taught:

  • Subjects in Focus (A Level);

  • Further Education;

  • Apprenticeships and Training; and

  • The Application and Selection Process.



Key Stage 5 

Topics taught:

  • Preparing for Work-Shadowing;

  • Opportunities in Higher Education;

  • Choosing a University Course;

  • UCAS Application;

  • The Application and Selection Process;

  • Interview Skills;

  • Student Finance; and

  • Making the Transition to Higher Education.



In St. Ciaran's, pupils may avail of personalised advice and guidance from specialist Careers teachers within the school and/or external Careers Advisers.
Pupils, and parents/guardians, may make an appointment to meet with a specialist Careers Adviser to assist them in making informed and considered decisions in terms of education, training or employment.

This is particularly important for pupils in Year 12, Year 13 and Year 14. In Year 10 and Year 12, pupils have the opportunity to engage in a Guidance Interview with a member of the Careers Department before making their final GCSE or AS subject choices.

Each year, the Careers Department of St. Ciaran’s offers post-examination results support to pupils.


“Young people need support and assistance to become effective career decision-makers, making the choices that will lead them on to further or higher education, training and, ultimately, employment.”
In St. Ciaran’s, Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is an important element of our provision. We provide pupils with access to high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance to enable them to make informed, considered and realistic decisions about their education, training and employment options.

We aim to:

  • provide pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum that will enable them to pursue progression pathways which match their interests and aspirations;

  • equip pupils with the employability skills required for future working lives through a range of opportunities and experiences;

  • instil a commitment to lifelong learning in each pupil which is essential in the twenty first century world of work;

  • empower pupils to plan and manage their future careers.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance is provided by specialist Careers Teachers, Subject Teachers, Form Teachers and external Careers Advisers from the Careers Service of the Department for Learning and Employment (DELNI). St. Ciaran’s pupils also benefit from the experience and expertise of other external providers, including businesses, organisations, professionals, employers and other education and training providers.

Work-Related Learning

In St. Ciaran's, pupils are encouraged to gain experience of the world of work in career areas that may be of interest to them.
In Year 13, all students participate in the Work-Shadowing Programme which provides students with the opportunity to spend time in companies and organisations across Northern Ireland and beyond.

Following a programme of classes in Interview Skills, Year 14 students participate in the Mock Interview Programme. As part of this programme, a panel of professionals from a wide range of career areas and representatives from universities attend St. Ciaran’s to interview Year 14 students. Students are assessed on their performance in the interview and are provided with detailed feedback to enable them to identify their strengths and their areas for improvement.
Employability Skills

Employability Skills are the wide range of skills and capabilities, attributes and dispositions that will allow pupils to be employable, to sustain employment and to become a life-long learner capable of realising their potential in the world of work. The skills and capabilities necessary for employability include:

  • Communication;

  • Numeracy;

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT);

  • Working with Others;

  • Problem Solving;

  • Decision-Making;

  • Self-Management; and

  • Managing Information.

As a school, we aim to develop the Employability Skills of pupil through all aspects of our curricular and extra-curricular provision.


Career Planning

FE Information

  • Options After Year 14

Careers Advice & Guidance

Gap Year Opportunities


Careers Information

Careers Information

HE Information

Parent Corner



Exploring Careers


Throughout his/her time at St. Ciaran’s and beyond, your son/daughter will have to make many important decisions in terms of his/her future career pathway.
As your son/daughter makes choices and plans for the future, particularly at each transition stage, you will play a significant and influential role in ensuring that he/she is making informed and considered decisions. It is, therefore, important that you, as a parent/guardian, are in a position to advise, guide and support your son/daughter in terms of his/her career choices.
This section of our website contains information, resources and links to assist you in supporting your son/daughter as he/she makes important career decisions.
  • Encourage, guide and support your son/daughter to research and explore his/her career options from an early stage.

  • Discuss your son/daughter’s personal skills, abilities, qualities and interests with him/her and consider the career areas to which he/she may be best suited.

  • Discuss your son/daughter’s career interests/aspirations with him/her and determine how much he/she already knows about the areas that interest him/her. Help him/her to identify anything else he/she needs to know about particular career areas.

  • Help your son/daughter to research information about current trends and future employment opportunities and to consider these against his/her abilities and aspirations.

  • Be aware of the choices your son/daughter has to make at each transition stage e.g. GCSE subject choices, post-16 study opportunities, further and higher education options.

  • Be prepared to listen to what your son/daughter has to say about their career interests and be careful not to only ‘encourage’ your son/daughter to pursue the pathway you want him/her to follow.

  • Remember that it is important to allow your son/daughter to make his/her own decisions in terms of his/her future.

  • Listen to what your son/daughter’s teachers have to say about his/her interests, strengths and areas for improvement and consider how these relate to his/her career aspirations.

  • Explore opportunities for your son/daughter to engage in work-related learning over and above that required by the school’s Work Shadowing Programme. Where possible, use your own network of contacts to secure work experience for your son/daughter or to engage him/her in discussion with someone who works in an area of interest to him/her.

  • Discuss your own career journey/experience with your son/daughter.

  • Attend the Information Evenings provided by the school as these are intended to equip you with the knowledge and information to support your son/daughter in his/her decision-making at key transition stages.

  • Where possible, attend careers events, exhibitions and open days with your son/daughter.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, make an appointment to speak to a member of the Careers Department in school or contact Careers Service NI.



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