Teaching Staff

Name Responsibility Pastoral Structure
Mr P. Lavery Principal
Mrs M. McCarron Assistant Principal Year 10
Mr B. Rodgers Assistant Principal Year 9
Miss M. Donnelly Senior Teacher - Self Evaluaion & Improvement Year 12
Mrs C. McGirr Senior Teacher - Primary Links & Staff Development Year 8
Mrs S. McMahon Senior Teacher - SENCo
Mrs N. Muldoon Senior Teacher - Safegaurding Year 11
Mrs M. Owens Senior Teacher - Vocational Curriculum & Post 16 Student Development Year 13/14
Mrs L. Ayna Head of Department - Maths & Numeracy Co-ordinator Form Teacher 9LA
Mr J. Campbell Cover/Timetable Scheduler  
Mr P. Canavan Head of Department - Religion & Co-ordinator of Liturgical Events Form Teacher 9PC
Mr F. Devlin Youth Centre Coordinator  
Mrs M. Donnelly Head of Department - ICT & Technology Co-ordinator Form Teacher 13MY
Mrs C. Gallagher   Form Teacher 10CG
Mrs T. Gallagher Health and Well Being Co-ordinator & Teacher Tutor Form Teacher 13TG
Mr N. Halligan Head of Year 12 & Merit System Co-ordinator Head of Year 12
Mrs P. Hannigan Head of Department - Languages & Newcomer Students Co-ordinator Form Teacher 11PH
Mrs A. Kelly Head of Department - Art Form Teacher 10AK
Mrs S. Kelly    
Mrs P. Lyons   Form Teacher 8PL
Miss R. Mallon Head of Post 16 & Fundraising Co-ordinator Head of Year 13/14
Mr D. McCann   Form Teacher 11DM
Mrs A. McCaughey Head of Department - Technology Form Teacher 13AH
Mrs S. McCoy   Form Teacher 12SC
Mrs M.C. McDaid    
Mrs F. McGirr Team Leader Work Related Learning & Shared Education Co-ordinator (Temp) Form Teacher 11FG
Mrs O. McGirr Head of Department - Music & School Productions Co-ordinator Form Teacher 9OG
Mrs L. McGuigan   Form Teacher 10LG
Miss D. McKenna Head of Year 8 Head of Year 8
Mr B. McKenna Head of Department - English Form Teacher 10BK
Mrs C. McLoughlin Head of Department - Geography Form Teacher 8CL
Mr B. McManus Head of Department - Careers (Temp) Form Teacher 14BM
Mr F. McMullan Head of Department - History Form Teacher 9FM
Miss G. McNamara Head of Year 9 Head of Year 9
Mrs R. Mellon School Publications Co-ordinator Form Teacher 10RN
Mrs M. Mulgrew Head of Department - Business Studies & School Bank Co-ordinator Form Techer 14MM
Mrs A. Murphy Head of Year 10 & Communications Co-ordinator Head of Year 10
Mrs P. Murphy Head of Department - Science & STEM Enhancement Co-ordinator Form Teacher 12PM
Miss E. Nugent   Form Teacher 12EN
Miss M. O'Donnell Exams Officer Form Teacher 12ML
Mrs C. O'Donnell   Form Teacher 8CD
Mrs M. O'Hagan   Form Teacher 9MH
Ms R. Pearson   Form Teacher 8RP
Miss L. Teague   Form Teacher 10LT
Mr D. Watson   Form Teacher 8DW
Miss N. Woods Head Department - PE Form Teacher 11NW


Temporary Teaching Staff 

Mrs E. Doyle                                                                                                Form Teacher 10EG
Mr A. Lennon for Miss A. St George Head of Year 11 Head of Year 11
Miss C. McCrossan   Form Teacher 9CC
Miss E. Mulgrew for Mrs M. Curran   Form Teacher 8EM
Miss C. O'Gorman   Form Teacher 10CO
Mr C. Sherry for Mrs M. Kerr   Form Teacher 11CD


Support Staff

Name                                           Role
Mrs Kathleen Connolly Cleaner with Hospitality
Mr Bernard Flanagan Technician 1 - Reprographics/ICT
Mrs Cecilia Hackett General Assistant/Sup. Assistant
Mrs Imelda Hackett Classroom Assistant/General Assistant
Mrs Siobhan Hughes Technician 3 - Science
Mrs Sharon Little Senior Clerical Officer
Mr Ronnie Loe Building Supervisor/Sup. Assistant
Mrs Charlene Lafferty Classroom Assistant/International Students/Sup. Assistant/Dom. Assisant
Mrs Mary T. Mallon Classroom Assistant/Sup. Assistant
Miss Ursula McAleer Classroom Assistant
Mrs Katrina McAnenly Classroom Assistant
Ms Michelle McArdle Classroom Assistant/General Assistant
Mrs Mary McCann Classroom Assistant/General Assistant
Mrs Siobhan McCreedy Classroom Assistant/General Assistant
Mrs Laura Edgar Study Supervisor/Pastoral Assistant/Sup. Assistant
Mrs Tina McGeary Senior Executive Officer/Sup. Assistant
Mrs Carmel McGinn Executive Officer - Special Needs/Careers
Miss Kellie McKenna General Assistant/Sup. Assistant/Dom. Assistant
Mr Sean McKenna Techician 3 - ICT
Mrs Siobhan McKernan Executive Officer - LRA Supervision
Mrs Carol Moss Classroom Assistant/General Assistant
Ms Kate Owens Technician 2
Mr Brendan Trainor Technician 3 - Technology & Design/Sup. Assistant


Temporary Support Staff

 Mrs Freda Cobane                    Technician 1 - Home Economics & Art
Mrs Goretti Cockburn Classroom Assistant/General Assistant
Mrs Grace Colgan Classroom Assistant/International Students/Sup. Assistant/Dom. Assisant
Miss Elaine Devenney Foreign Language Assistant
Miss Caroline Early Technian 1 - Art/General Assistant



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