The Student Council is the ‘voice’ of the student body at St Ciaran’s College. It gives members of the school community a chance to voice their views and opinions about any issues in the school with the aim of making the school as good as it can be.

The Student Council consists of twenty-four members from Years 9 to 14 who have been elected by their form classes to represent them and they generally meet up once a month. Any issues or questions raised by the students concerning areas of school life are addressed to the Council. The Council has brought about changes to the school to help make it a more ‘Welcoming School’ for everyone - pupils, teachers and visitors.


Year 8

8CD – Mairead McConnell & Molly Kelly

8CL – Neva McMenamin & Roisin Horisk

 8DW – Aoife Cullinan & Edie Bell

8EM – Crystal Condy & Kyra McElroy

8RP – Sean Og Dillon & Brogan Rafferty

8PL – Aoife Nugent & Connor Quinn

Year 9

9CC - Sean Russell, Lorcan McKenna & Aine McAllister

9MH - Abigail McMurdie

9FM - Grace Hamill

9OG - Eoghan McKenna

9PC - Rionach Hackett, Chloe Curran, Eugene Dillon & Derbhla McAnenly

9LA -   Lucy O’Neill & Aaron Muldoon

Year 10

10BK - Ella McCaul

10LT - Peter Trainor & Rebecca Mellon

10SD - Aimee Bowen

10CG - Carey Dillon

Year 11

11FG - Hannah McVeigh, Chloe Quinn & Sean Hughes

11NW - Conor Kerr & Ronan McBride

11RN - Katie McCaffrey

Year 12

12EN -  Chantelle Condy

12ML - Kate Hughes

12SC - Aine O’Neill

12LG - Katrina Conlon & Chantelle McCaffery


Year 14

Caitlin McCrory

Megan Noble


Student Council Roles

Student Council Policy


       Student Council Development Plan

Student Council Development Plan



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